Saturday, November 14, 2009

Left or Right!?!

I don't know what it is, but I have never been very good at right and left. Yes, I know it's strange but, really it's true. I still have to look at my hand to see what finger has the ring on and what hand I write with. This has caused a few embarrassing moments when giving people directions and I say right, no wait I mean left. Oh sorry I meant right.

Honestly, I never thought much of it, until now. Why you ask? Because the beautiful roads in Germany are very funny. There are many unmarked intersections in these little villages. And that might not mean much, until you need to know right from left. BECAUSE when you are driving down an unmarked road and there is a street on your RIGHT the traffic coming from that road has the right of way. It sounds crazy I know. It is. Where are the stop signs and traffic lights? There are far from here and it's all about knowing your left from your right.

On Thursday the 12th of November I became a USERA license holder. Which means that I can legally drive here! I am learning quickly and hoping that I don't have a slip up on what is left or right.

My wonderful neighbor made me a cake to celebrate passing my test. That little piece of paper let me take the roads and never look back. That's because I'm looking down to see what hand my ring is on, oh wait that's my left.