Thursday, September 22, 2011


Once everyone is sitting down and has been served we begin our Pow-Wow. What is a Pow-Wow? Pow is something that was bad about your day, something that was disagreeable, and a Wow is something good, exciting, or funny.

For awhile we were going from youngest to oldest, but now we are starting with Dad, and making our way down the line.

Here is our Pow-Wow today: (Martin is out of town)

Mine: My Pow it that our dryer won't be fixed until Monday, and my Wow is that I got out the fall decorations.

Naomi: Pow is that there was a pop quiz in Science, and her Wow was that her teacher was really nice today.

Eyan: Wow was that he got to go to the farm and pick up milk, his Pow was that the little baby kittens ran away and he didn't get to hold them.

Silus: Wow was that he got to build a Lego airplane on the computer and then build it with Legos. Pow was the first thing he built didn't work.

Toben: Sang a song for us for his Pow-Wow. It's a German song about going on the train. Some nights he does it, and other nights he changes it up, but he still participates in his own little 3 year old way.

Have a Pow-Wow at your dinner table tonight!

Special thanks to Lisa Barnett, who shared her family tradition with us. We miss your beautiful family!