Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Penny Saved a Pig Earned

Naomi had been diligently saving her birthday money, Christmas money, and any money she could get her little hot hands on. She did this with no outcome in mind, just the satisfaction of having some cash all her own. The money may have been spent sooner, but since I didn't exchange it for Euro she had a heavy change purse hidden deep within the caverns of her most top secret hiding place.

Over the last couple of months she has been begging and pleading for a pet, and here is my reply:

A. I don't want anything thing that barks, claws, poops, has hair, or needs my attention
B. Martin and I are both slightly allergic to dog and cat hair
C. Don't like the smell of pets in the house
and the list goes on.....

Naomi did some VERY extensive research and is very happy with the outcome. Guinea Pigs! With all of her money and some of mine we took the leap and got them. They live outside so no pet smell or hair all over, she takes care of them and they are even better than I thought they'd be!

The white and auburn one is named Scarlet and the brown short haired guy is named Schocolata, (Chocolate in German) he also answers to Tiger and Brownie.