Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6

5:00 PM
You'd never guess who came walking up our driveway tonight. It was none other than Nikalous. He came with a big burlap sack packed full of gifts. He had his golden book in one hand and his bundle of sticks in the other. In the book are all of the names of boys and girls, and if they have been good or bad. The bundle of sticks is if anyone was naughty. Thankfully he didn't have to use that. He sat in a chair and asked for each child. When they had answered he said something good that they have been doing and then something that they have to work on. After all of the kids had a turn (There are 10 kids in our little circle) he passed out a small gift. We ended our time with a song "Nikalous ist eine gute Mann". It's really fun taking part in new traditions, I think this is one we will keep.
*In Germany Nikalous is the equivelant to Santa, except he comes on the 6th of December. On the 5th you put your clean boots outside and in the morning your boots are filled with nuts, fruit and a small gift. And that's the end of it. He makes guest apperianced throughout the day if you are lucky, but then he's gone. You don't hear about him after this day and on Christmas all of the gifts are from family.