Friday, January 29, 2010

Magic Eraser

At one time I thought that kids who wrote on stuff were just left unattended, or found markers all over the house and wrote on stuff because they saw their other brothers and sisters doing it. That is until Toben came into the picture. This little guy finds markers and crayons like nobodies business! The other kids never wrote all over stuff AND he isn't left for any amount of time that he could do MUCH. Well I guess it doesn't take much. I have to admit that it is harder to keep markers and crayons out of reach at ALL times. BUT that doesn't stop him. He has written on the refrigerator, shelves and the couch just since we have been here. And the Magic Eraser isn't as magic as I thought it was. It won't take the pen off of the couch. Darn it!

Monday, January 25, 2010


We have way too many toys. As I have been thinking about what we can get rid of and what can stay, it never fails that the kids play with something they haven't taken interest in since they were born! I don't know that I'll be getting rid of the Etch-A-Sketch, it's a toy that is not played with much but it really does not take up much space. Eyan picked it up the other morning. He sat at the kitchen table for a little while and in maybe 20 minutes with no directions came up with this great picture. It's a boy with a bow tie on, holding a leash and his dog. It impresses me, mainly because I can't even do a basic square or even write my name. He picked it up for the first time and has a picture!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Martin's World

Martin's World

(He did give me input, but wanted me to write)

It's been one interesting journey so far. Martin's been moved around several times, but is now settling into his new position as a Platoon Sergeant. The Battery has recently done some rearranging and this is a new Platoon. He is leading 18 other Soldiers and is doing well. There is a lot of paper work involved to begin with, but Martin is getting things organized. He is going to a Leaders Course in March to help sharpen his skills and will be gone for a few weeks. Then in April will be taking part of a training in Poland. (all subject to change)

During the week we don't see each other much, the kids are in bed by the time he gets home. But, Martin has had weekends free and we have been trying to get in some good family time and a few naps here and there. We have not traveled much since it is cold, but we have found other stuff to do, like Roller Skating. Martin is such a good sport, he can barley skate, but does it because he loves us. We still enjoy reading books and try to have a nice quiet reading time before bed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kitchen Corner

Our kitchen is pretty cute. It's small and I can unload the dish washer in record time! I love that. We have a little area that was perfect for a small kitchen table. I found this table at Ikea for a great price and got two little stools to go with. The kids can do home work or eat a snack while I'm cooking. We have a friend in El Paso who has a little sitting area in her kitchen and I often sat and enjoyed her company there. It's a nice little corner, and all are welcome to come and sit, and enjoy good company.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look Who's 5

Look Who's 5! Silus if you can believe it! We had an exclusive interview with Silus and here's what he had to say! These are the hard to get questions that you won't find anywhere else. And here it is.....
What will it be like to be 5- NICE
What is your favorite color- BLACK
What is your favorite food- MAC AND CHEESE
What is something you don't like to eat- SOUR STUFF AND HOT STUFF TOO

What do you like about Germany? GOING TO SCHOOL
What do you like about school? THE KITCHEN. I PLAY WITH THE FOOD.
If you could DO anything you wanted what would it be- PLAYING ON THE COMPUTER. WEBKINZ. Tell me about the hardest thing you have done- CLIMBING LIKE A MONKEY. Where was that? ON THE BARS AT SCHOOL.

What will you be when you grow up? I WILL BE PROBABLY BE A ROBBER, BUT ONLY ROB MYSELF. Why would you be a Robber? BECAUSE I WANT TO WEAR BLACK LIKE A NINJA.
Where will you live? WHERE TIGERS ARE, OR CHEETAHS
Will you be married and have kids? SURE. How old will you be? 10. MAYBE I WILL MARRY NAOMI. Brothers and sisters can't get married. Maybe you could find a girl like her. ZOE!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow's Almost Gone

The temperature is raising and today it rained. Winter is far from over, and we wait patiently for the next storm. We have played outside in the snow almost everyday. All bundled up. On Friday we made a slide on the back stairs by shoveling all the snow onto them. We have little cheep sleds that you sit on and they can really get some speed.  

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Toben in front of the house. The picture was taken before Christmas when it snowed one of the first times.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quality Backpack

I'm not much of a feel sorry for you kind of person, or a have to fit into what everyone else is doing. BUT, there are always exceptions. Here we stick out like a sore thumb. Without any effort. So call it caving.... Naomi and Eyan wanted a Backpack like the kids at school. That's understandable isn't it. It's a small thing that we can do to make this an easier transition for them. A quality German Backpack, is that all they need!?!

Not your average Backpack that's for sure, it makes Jan Sports look like a joke. The hard shell is designed for easy carrying, and padded back plate for extra comfort. Notice the bright orange color and the reflective strip on the side, easy to spot markings for the dark morning walk to school. For an additional cost you can also get a Mepteon to hold all of your pencils and markers AND a sports bag for gym days. These are only a few of the accessories, the possibilities seem endless.

If I were to say that it comes at a cost that would be an understatement! Let's just say on the night that these children are moving out they will proudly have in hand a quality German Backpack. And they someday will hand down this amazingly durable Backpack that they got in Germany when they were young.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Snow

Yet another winter storm! Friday night it started snowing and by morning we had around 6 inches. Saturday night it snowed again, maybe 2 inches. And today is Wednesday at it is still coming down. It's very pretty and very cold. There is a slight wind, and the snow is powdery not very good for snowmen. But, that doesn't stop us from going out. 20 layers later and we are out the door. Naomi and Eyan can stay out the longest, they come back in with pink cheeks and frozen fingers. Silus comes in when his cheeks are cold and little Toben only can make in for about 45 minutes. (I think that's how long it takes to dress him in all the winter garb) On Sunday we took a sled and walked on a forest path. It was so beautiful to see everything covered in a white blanket of snow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Naomi and Eyan have both been making all kinds of stuff lately. Here is one of the many crafts they have been working on. The tub is filled with bright colored plastic beads and they are carefully placed on a hard plastic shape. Next the beads are ironed under wax paper. After it cools you have a melted shape and a pretty little thing. I don't really know what we'll do with all of these beautiful creations, but I'm sure we'll think of something. I can't think of what these little things are called. Can you?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Goal

As a family we talked about goals that we would like to accomplish in the New Year, and I thought we'd share.

Martin: Become Staff Sergent, Prep for WO1 Packet, Be a better Hubby and Father

Sarah: Read Bible everyday, Keep up this blog, Do a craft with the kids every week and cook with them on a regular basis, learn German

Naomi: Be fluent in German, Be nicer to brothers, Read more German books

Eyan: Make something using every Lego piece

Silus: Not take apart toys

Toben: Stop drinking out of bottle