Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Road

The Good
We speak German!
Made amazing friends
Got to live, eat, breathe Germany for 3 years
Martin had a great job
The places we did visit were beautiful 
Had a few lovely visitors Maggie, Nana & Poppi, Mom, Denise and Paul

The Bad
The kids are a bit rusty in English writing skills
I still can't read all of the school papers, which is aggravating
The house had virtually no real yard, I miss having grass
It's not as fun to travel as I thought it would be, especially with 4 kids
It is so easy to loose touch with people.
No one ever calls (Well actually 2 people do, you know who you are)
Many talked about coming to visit, few made it over

What I have Learned?
How to ask for help
What it's like to be an alien in a foreign country
There are still places in the world where children can come home when it's dark out

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 29, 2012

Batman Live

 All of the Colorado cousins were treated by Grandma and Aunty Denise to Batman Live.  It was a great production, filled with acrobats, costumes, magic tricks and the beloved Batman.

We all really enjoyed watching the performance together.

Some were a more vocal about their excitement than others.....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012


After our journey we were very warmly welcomed by all of our Colorado family. After a restful night sleep we spent our first day at the Pueblo Zoo, with Aunts an Uncle, and cousins.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over The Atlantic

Travel Time 44 hours 33 minutes

6:06 out of bed 7:00 final bag check, with all toiletries 7:15 good bye with our neighbors in front of the house 8:17 leaving Mehlingen driving to Ramstein to catch our flight 9:12 checking into airport 9 bags to check 3 carry ons 10:11 walk around PX while we wait for our flight 11:27 stand in line for security and say good bye to Martin for a few weeks 12:57 play games while waiting to board 2:20 take off 3:11 Silus barfs 4 movies. dinner. nap. breakfast. another barf. we land in Baltimore about 5:30 wait for bags. go through customs. put all bags through xray scan and back onto one of three carts 6:30 wonder around airport waiting for a shuttle to take us to hotel 7:10 check into hotle 7:30 take kids swimming 8:45 baths and room service 9:30 into bed 3:30 awake 3:50 up getting ready for the day 6:00 down for breakfast 6:45 business center and check email and send out msg 8:20 call to have bags taken to the shuttle 9:20 check in 11:45 boarding flight to Denver, barf 3:37 in Colorado wander around airport.  bathroom. lunch. waiting 4:20 flight to Colorado Springs 5:06 landed and family is waiting 5:39 drive to Pueblo