Saturday, March 27, 2010


The sun is shinning and it's time to pack up and see what's out there. We hit the road and went to Heidleburg. This trip was more planned out, but that's not to say things went as planned. After driving around without finding the entrance TO the castle we fed the ducks and walked by the river. Blessed are the flexible. The river was full of pattleboats and barges.

On Saturday we got actually found the castle and found parking and ventured in. A beautiful place to spend the morning. The castle was the biggest one we have been to so far, it's hard to put all of it into words. And I guess I really don't have to I can just upload pictures. One of the most interesting things was not the castle, but a small salamander that had lost his way in a freezing pool. The kids with help from Dad rescued this little guy who was pretty waterlogged.