Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Snow

Yet another winter storm! Friday night it started snowing and by morning we had around 6 inches. Saturday night it snowed again, maybe 2 inches. And today is Wednesday at it is still coming down. It's very pretty and very cold. There is a slight wind, and the snow is powdery not very good for snowmen. But, that doesn't stop us from going out. 20 layers later and we are out the door. Naomi and Eyan can stay out the longest, they come back in with pink cheeks and frozen fingers. Silus comes in when his cheeks are cold and little Toben only can make in for about 45 minutes. (I think that's how long it takes to dress him in all the winter garb) On Sunday we took a sled and walked on a forest path. It was so beautiful to see everything covered in a white blanket of snow.