Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Kid

Toben's birthday was almost a month ago, but our Internet was down for a few weeks and I was never able to put anything up, so here it is.

Toben is 4! His favorite color is green. He loves dressing up. He usually is dressed up in one way or another with a hat, or a Police shirt, and sometimes his "Reit Stiefel" AKA Cowboy boots.

He eats a huge bowl Oatmeal every morning. His request. He also loves juice and drinking anything I have left sitting on the table.

He still crawls in our bed almost every night, and loves to be snuggled. I can hardly believe that Toben is 4. No more diapers, strollers, naps. A new era....

Parent Stuff

We have entered into the embarrassing parents arena. It's actually not as bad of a place as I once imagined.

I can totally understand why we are embarrassing. We don't speak German all that well, and the German I speak is pretty elementary.

It's kind of like being asking to be dropped off down the street so that you're not seen in that ugly blue van. Except for us it's being asked to not go to the Christmas party.

Which we went to anyway and were on our BEST behavior. Here is the picture to prove it.

(Here is the translation)

Naomi's Dad

No German