Thursday, February 9, 2012


In a past "life" Martin was a production manager for a sign company. One of the few perks about this Job, was that Martin was able to go and install signs in some interesting places. Jamaica, Vail, Barbados, Southern California, and many other places.

That company got a contract to make signs for a military resort in Germany. Martin put in lots of long hours for this job. He worked on getting all of the colors, samples, carved flowers, sandblasted, and many other things to get this job finished. There were hundreds of signs.

When it was time to install, Martin was looked over, he was too valuable and couldn't be spared in the workshop for an extended time in Germany. He was very disappointed to say the least. 

When his co-workers came back, they had beautiful pictures, and lots of interesting stories about Germany and the beautiful Edelweiss Resort.

Shortly after this job Martin quilt making sighs, and joined the military.

Our first duty station was in El Paso, Texas, and then Germany. We are currently stationed only a few hours from the resort, we also have access because we are military.

The moral of the story: Sometimes things seem so unfair, but if you wait patently, there is something better, better than you could have ever dreamed.