Friday, December 24, 2010


8:00 Up and around. A nice lazy morning.

9:30 Naomi and I finish up a few Christmas gifts, Eyan is outside playing. It's snowing.
11:00 Martin takes little boys to pick up any boxes that may have come in
12:00 Shovel the sidewalk

1:30 Turkey and Ham are both still frozen. Compromise. Looks like it's going to be Spaggetti
3:00 Clean up the living room and playroom

5:00 Eat dinner. It's simple tonight. I'll make the big dinner tomorrow.

5:50 Attempt a picture around the tree. I tried to take a bunch, but you know how it goes.

6:00 Watch the Polar Express. It has a scratch, and we can't finish it.

7:30 Kids open one present from Aunty Trisha and Uncle Chris. A huge hit!

8:00 It's time for bed. It's still snowing.