Friday, August 27, 2010

Batman and Robin

Today Silus and Toben cleaned up the mountain of Lego's and in exchange I got down the overflowing basket of Stuffed Animals and dress up stuff. Dressed in record time. It's a Batman outfit for Silus that is 3 sizes small. Toben it's a Spiderman costume, but he is convinced it's Robin. At least 3 sizes big. Old warn out Halloween costumes. I've patched them and re sewn them, and tried to convince them to at least switch. No, they wont even consider.

They play with the animals and some little puppets. Throw them, dress them, and fight over them. All in a few minutes, but this entertains them for hours. It's fun to watch. There is screaming, laughing, joking and fighting. The house is a disaster. Eyan and Naomi will be home from school not long after, and so let the Wild Rompus begin.