Monday, October 29, 2012

Batman Live

 All of the Colorado cousins were treated by Grandma and Aunty Denise to Batman Live.  It was a great production, filled with acrobats, costumes, magic tricks and the beloved Batman.

We all really enjoyed watching the performance together.

Some were a more vocal about their excitement than others.....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012


After our journey we were very warmly welcomed by all of our Colorado family. After a restful night sleep we spent our first day at the Pueblo Zoo, with Aunts an Uncle, and cousins.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over The Atlantic

Travel Time 44 hours 33 minutes

6:06 out of bed 7:00 final bag check, with all toiletries 7:15 good bye with our neighbors in front of the house 8:17 leaving Mehlingen driving to Ramstein to catch our flight 9:12 checking into airport 9 bags to check 3 carry ons 10:11 walk around PX while we wait for our flight 11:27 stand in line for security and say good bye to Martin for a few weeks 12:57 play games while waiting to board 2:20 take off 3:11 Silus barfs 4 movies. dinner. nap. breakfast. another barf. we land in Baltimore about 5:30 wait for bags. go through customs. put all bags through xray scan and back onto one of three carts 6:30 wonder around airport waiting for a shuttle to take us to hotel 7:10 check into hotle 7:30 take kids swimming 8:45 baths and room service 9:30 into bed 3:30 awake 3:50 up getting ready for the day 6:00 down for breakfast 6:45 business center and check email and send out msg 8:20 call to have bags taken to the shuttle 9:20 check in 11:45 boarding flight to Denver, barf 3:37 in Colorado wander around airport.  bathroom. lunch. waiting 4:20 flight to Colorado Springs 5:06 landed and family is waiting 5:39 drive to Pueblo


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walter Lang

This is Walter, the giver of tea.  The neighbor who played the accordion out his window, and who also asked if I would give him a message.  We shared Easter dinner together, and he gave Martin his first German beer. I shoveled the sidewalk for him when it snowed, and sometimes he came over past 9 pm to see if I might want a velvet painting from 1970, a TV, or maybe a radio.  All for a good price.  I will miss Walter, and I know he will miss us.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Won't Miss You

Gray Skies
I never thought I needed the sunshine, until I spent 3 winters here.  Really though if I am completely honest it's not just winter, there are very few sunny blue sky days.  Having lived in the South West all of my life I am so accustom to endless blue skies.  I will not miss weather forecasts that count the HOURS the sun MIGHT shine.

Tiny Streets
We have a very narrow street and one of our neighbors parks there car on the street, there have been times when other cars will honk and wait for them to come out of their house to move the car!  Last week it was a Semi-truck who couldn't get past and boy was he mad!!!

Sidewalk and Waiting Behind Parked Cars
So with these narrow streets it is normal to wait behind a parked car for the on coming traffic, sometimes it's so tight you need to back up, or dive onto the side walk.  AND have I ever mentioned sidewalks?  That could be another post!  To sum it up the sidewalks vary from 2 feet across to a mere few inches across.  Not so easy to walk on or ride a bike on.

The same neighbor who parks on our street has a dog, a very large dog.  Joseph.  Who is some type of mastife I think.  Joseph barks so loud whenever he feels like it or when his people leave.  It's more like a long deep lonesome howl, everyday at approximetly 9.  Never the less, I will NOT miss him.

School Papers
Although I took 8 months of German and feel confident in conversation, give me an official school paper and I get it wrong!  The basic stuff I get, the time, the general purpose, but really I will get SOMETHING wrong, and the kids have been embarrassed by me.  Like the time there was a end of the year party and I read that we were having a grill party, I thought meat was provided.  It wasn't and we had nothing to eat.  It worked out, but was stressful and I really embarrassed Naomi.  That's only one story of the many.


There are things I will miss about this great big
sandstone house, but there are a few things I will not miss at all.  The extremely creepy and wet basement.  The lack of insulation and outrageous heating bill, the no  yard and no place to store any outside stuff, and a tiny oven that wont fit a turkey in it.

Euro Conversion
Getting paid in one currency and spending in another.  Having dollars in my wallet when I need euro or vise verse.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The House Is Empty-ish

 Everything is packed in 9 crates, or in one of the 10 duffel bags that are in the bedrooms.  We have some furniture on loan, just VERY basic hotel kind of stuff, but it sure is nice to sit down.  And we have a 220 TV so when all else fails we watch endless cartoons.  I did keep out a few Legos and games to entertain us while we wait for our flight.  This is pretty much what happens....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012