Monday, May 31, 2010

Bike Tour

In northern Germany there is a lovely town on the Rhine river called Klon. Maggie and I drove up on a Tuesday and had quite an adventure. Maggie found a place to do Bike tours so we hopped on a bike and away we went.

Having never done a tour on bike I was a little apprehensive. I couldn't even remember the last time I was on a bike! At first I was a little rusty and out of breath, but by the end was riding like a pro through the busy streets. That's not to say that I'm graceful or didn't have any mishaps..... Thanks Maggie for retrieving my shoe out of the middle of the street!

We biked about 10 miles and saw much of the city which is imposable to see from the Suburban. Just say'n'. Klon has the most visited Cathedral, which sees about 1900 visitors a day. We stopped on the bridge, at a park, and most of the monuments. At an old fire house we stopped and had a Coke with lemon. Yuuummm. One really cute thing we saw was on the bridge there were locks that had been locked to the fence by couples in love that then threw the key into the river below. It is said that their love will be locked forever because the key will never be found.