Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Unhappy Reindeer

There has been so much excitement about Christmas and all that it brings. Each child had a special advent calender in their class as well as a gift from their teacher. The kids have sung Christmas carols and played with Nativity Scenes set up at school. It has been a breath of fresh air coming from a country where you can't give a Christmas greeting to someone let alone talk about the real reason for Christmas. We are so blessed to live here and have this great opportunity.

Last week Eyan's class had a special party for a Kindergarten class. They did a dance and craft for them, Eyan was a reindeer. Here is a class picture before the party. 

If you can't spot Eyan he is the very small unhappy kid in the back row. When I asked about his expression, he had no answer. He does say that he likes school.... couldn't guess by this pictrure that's for sure.