Friday, November 2, 2012

New Road

The Good
We speak German!
Made amazing friends
Got to live, eat, breathe Germany for 3 years
Martin had a great job
The places we did visit were beautiful 
Had a few lovely visitors Maggie, Nana & Poppi, Mom, Denise and Paul

The Bad
The kids are a bit rusty in English writing skills
I still can't read all of the school papers, which is aggravating
The house had virtually no real yard, I miss having grass
It's not as fun to travel as I thought it would be, especially with 4 kids
It is so easy to loose touch with people.
No one ever calls (Well actually 2 people do, you know who you are)
Many talked about coming to visit, few made it over

What I have Learned?
How to ask for help
What it's like to be an alien in a foreign country
There are still places in the world where children can come home when it's dark out

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