Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Time

7:30 Finish Popcorn balls for Silus's class. Burn 1/2 the batch and start again.

8:00 Get Naomi and Eyan out the door for school with 2 Pumpkin Pies and a huge plate of Pumpkin Muffins. Not before dropping a pie on the floor.

10:30 Turkey in the oven. Will the Turkey turn out?

10:45 Martin and Toben peal potato's. So nice to have the extra hands in the kitchen.

11:45 Walk to school get Eyan and Silus. It's about 50 degrees, but a bit windy. So we have to bundle up before leaving the house. Coats, hats, gloves, and winter boots.

1:45 Sit down to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey turned out great, mashed potato's, gravy, green beans, biscuits, stuffing and 6 hungry people to eat!

3:30 Go to Kaiserslautern Christmas Market. A small Christmas Market mostly little Boothe's with food and hot cider. Parking the Suburban a little bit of a challenge, but Martin did a great job maneuvering the beast.

6:30 Home and get ready for bed! Well we made it through another day, and the kids have school in the morning.

7:30 Call family in the US it's only 11am on that side of the world.


stella g. said...

it's so crazy that the kids had school on Thursday. it makes sense, but it's funny that you had to cook a big meal, all while juggling a normal day.

Christie said...

This post made me tear up...gosh I miss you!

Branch Family said...

It makes me smile to read about your Thanksgiving!