Friday, January 29, 2010

Magic Eraser

At one time I thought that kids who wrote on stuff were just left unattended, or found markers all over the house and wrote on stuff because they saw their other brothers and sisters doing it. That is until Toben came into the picture. This little guy finds markers and crayons like nobodies business! The other kids never wrote all over stuff AND he isn't left for any amount of time that he could do MUCH. Well I guess it doesn't take much. I have to admit that it is harder to keep markers and crayons out of reach at ALL times. BUT that doesn't stop him. He has written on the refrigerator, shelves and the couch just since we have been here. And the Magic Eraser isn't as magic as I thought it was. It won't take the pen off of the couch. Darn it!


Christie said...

So are you trying to make Toben feel guilty by holding the Magic Eraser?

nest4ever said...

Well you know I did have him scrub down his little mess!

Branch Family said...

Reminds me of Reed and his art on my walls, couch, chairs, computer, t.v.....thank goodness he no longer expresses his talent on my things :)

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!! Benjamin is the same way about markers, crayons and pens!! If there is just one left somewhere he will find it!! Anyway wanted to let you know that I got pen (courtesy of Benjaimn)out of my couch with hand sanatizer. Sounds weird I know but it worked!! You should try it and see if it works on yours too!