Friday, January 15, 2010

Quality Backpack

I'm not much of a feel sorry for you kind of person, or a have to fit into what everyone else is doing. BUT, there are always exceptions. Here we stick out like a sore thumb. Without any effort. So call it caving.... Naomi and Eyan wanted a Backpack like the kids at school. That's understandable isn't it. It's a small thing that we can do to make this an easier transition for them. A quality German Backpack, is that all they need!?!

Not your average Backpack that's for sure, it makes Jan Sports look like a joke. The hard shell is designed for easy carrying, and padded back plate for extra comfort. Notice the bright orange color and the reflective strip on the side, easy to spot markings for the dark morning walk to school. For an additional cost you can also get a Mepteon to hold all of your pencils and markers AND a sports bag for gym days. These are only a few of the accessories, the possibilities seem endless.

If I were to say that it comes at a cost that would be an understatement! Let's just say on the night that these children are moving out they will proudly have in hand a quality German Backpack. And they someday will hand down this amazingly durable Backpack that they got in Germany when they were young.


Katherine said...

WOW the backpacks are big too! Maybe the kids could smuggle Toben to school with them.

Branch Family said...

Those are some cool backpacks!

Christie said...

omg...naomi and eyan are getting so big...maybe one day they will grow right into those quality German backpacks!