Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Black Forest

Winding roads lead into the famous Black Forest in southern Germany. There you will find Coocoo clocks galore, Germany's largest waterfall, Cows that actually wear bells and the sweet town of Freiburg. Our first stop was the Treiburg where we made a quick stop to see the clocks, then ate lunch and onto the waterfall. There was a marked dirt path leading to the top with a beautiful over look. Large birds flew down and ate peanuts from visitors who payed for a 1 euro bag. Which of course we did. A forest surrounds the area with tall dark trees for as far as you can see.

After our journey to the waterfall we made out way to the hotel in a lazy little town and had some down time. Sitting on our balcony we heard cow in a meadow and the bells around their necks clinging, a school band practicing and the hum of bees.

Up bright and early and onto Freiburg. One of the most beautiful cities we have seen thus far. There is a small waterway that runs adjacent to the sidewalk through the entire downtown. It is about 12 inches wide and maybe 6 inches deep. Eyan made a very unlucky step and had a very wet shoe, but we trudged onward. It was a dreary Saturday, but the market was in full swing. Booths tempted us with flowers, honey, and a variety of cheese, meet and olives. There were several museums that we went into and saw some interesting paintings and statues some dating back over 500 years. We ended the day at a little Pizzeria, and a long drive home. But well worth the trip. Yet another charming city that I hope to visit again.

The Crucifixion Painted in Germany between 1440-50


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looks awesome. the first picture of the waterfall is absolutely beautiful. :)

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oops...that was from me...