Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Scoop....

WOW! It's been a long time. So, here's the scoop......

Martin got a sort of transfer and is now working at Ramstein, and has a new schedule. It is 6 days on and 4 days off. There are 3 different shifts, so there will be a little ajusting. But, there are definitely some great things too. We are hoping to travel more and enjoy 4 day weekends at the end of every work week. He will also be going to Colorado in the coming month to do some training.

Love the fact that I can get cheap flowers every week. Two weeks ago it was 50 Daffodils for 6 Euro and this week it's Tulips. I am in the final stretch of my German classes, only 4 weeks left. I have really enjoyed my time in class and all the interesting people I have met. It will be strange not going anymore, but I'm sure I'll find something to do. I am also staying busy with my local Quilt Guild. Last weekend I went on a retreat and sewed the whole weekend!

Naomi got accepted into the school of her choice. The school system here is quite different when it comes to middle school and high school and you actually have to apply to the school. Naomi had a great recommendation from her teacher. The school has a beautiful campus and is in the next village over.

Eyan had a strange allergic reaction to lotion this week. He had to stay home with me on Friday because he was so itchy. I took him to the Apothecke, which is the equivalent to WalGreens. We got a cream, and got the ok for some Claritin. Seems to have worked great, he's no longer itching and isn't all red. (Sorry, no picture at this time)

Silus is living up his last few months in Kindergarten. His class is taking many different field trips this spring including the Fire Station, Zoo, the City Dump, and the grand finale will be an overnight stay at the school. He is so excited to stay the night at the school and has reminded me over and over that he will need to take LOTS AND LOTS of things.

Toben has made a really good friend at school. They look for eachother each morning, and are pretty much together for the rest of the school day. It's so cute to hear him talk about him and see them playing together.


Christie said...

quilt retreat where you sewed all weekend...well, I bet that was quiltalishus!

Christie said...
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Christie said...

oh and by the way, you look super perty with that flower in your hair!

and I can only imagine the interesting people you've met...I bet they are just as amazed to have met you too!

boy, i sure do miss you girlie!

stella g. said...

in case it hasn't been said enough, you look BEAUTIFUL. :) always have, always will. like a china doll! would love to see some products of the quilting weekend - just an FYI.