Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ranting....and Raving

A little ranting and raving, just because you see all of the beautiful pictures, but I also want you to see..... it's not perfect and there are things about being overseas that are annoying.

1. I hate that no one calls us, with the one exception of my sister Trisha, and occasionally my mom. I know that adding 8 hours to the time, and by that time we are sleeping, and that all those numbers can be confusing, but really?!

2. I HATE that I can't read all the school papers. This week even I accidentally threw away an important paper for Naomi's school. I did a quick look, and tossed it. I can ask my Naomi most of the time, but it's annoying not being able to just read a school paper.

3. I MISS blue skies, I really do think that I got depressed over the summer from no sunshine and gray skies.

4. I HATE THE PX! Screaming kids running all over the place, never the size that I need, takes FOREVER to walk from one side of the store to the other, AND they never have what I am looking for. I miss Target. A lot.

5. I hate that it takes forever for things to get here. I ordered books over a month ago, and am still waiting! AND I hate it when companies won't ship to our military post office box!

6. I hate that there are so many little bases and that there is a different base for the hospital, commissary, dentist, mail, work, and even the library.

Laundry, dishes and cranky children, a messy house, and me.

I just want the picture to be clear.

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Branch Family said...

I miss you so much! Reading this makes me feel like you are right here with me! Would you plz come back to the States!! PLZ!!