Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Light Dessert You'll LOVE!

Birgit's Yoghurt Bomb

3 bottles of Rama Cremefine (19%) or 3 x 250ml (US: 3 x 8.5 fl oz) of cream
1 kg (US: 2.2 lb) non-flavored low-fat (0.1%) yoghurt
140 g (US: 0.3 lb) sugar
2 packages (15g each) vanilla sugar

Beat the Cremefine or cream until stiff. Add yoghurt, sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix well.

Line a sieve with a clean linen or cotton kitchen towel and place it in a larger bowl so that there is room around the sieve to catch the liquids that will get drained. Fill the cream/yoghurt mixture into the lined sieve and refrigerate for approx. 24 hours. After 12 hours or so, you may want to check on the setup and discard off any drained liquids that will have accumulated in the larger outer bowl.
After 24 hours, turn the bomb out onto a plate and serve with fresh or frozen fruit, fruit sauce ("Rote Gr├╝tze"), eggnog and/or special sweet spices.
This desert always is a big hit wherever I take it - be it a kindergarden party or grandma's birthday! Enjoy!

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