Monday, October 15, 2012

I Won't Miss You

Gray Skies
I never thought I needed the sunshine, until I spent 3 winters here.  Really though if I am completely honest it's not just winter, there are very few sunny blue sky days.  Having lived in the South West all of my life I am so accustom to endless blue skies.  I will not miss weather forecasts that count the HOURS the sun MIGHT shine.

Tiny Streets
We have a very narrow street and one of our neighbors parks there car on the street, there have been times when other cars will honk and wait for them to come out of their house to move the car!  Last week it was a Semi-truck who couldn't get past and boy was he mad!!!

Sidewalk and Waiting Behind Parked Cars
So with these narrow streets it is normal to wait behind a parked car for the on coming traffic, sometimes it's so tight you need to back up, or dive onto the side walk.  AND have I ever mentioned sidewalks?  That could be another post!  To sum it up the sidewalks vary from 2 feet across to a mere few inches across.  Not so easy to walk on or ride a bike on.

The same neighbor who parks on our street has a dog, a very large dog.  Joseph.  Who is some type of mastife I think.  Joseph barks so loud whenever he feels like it or when his people leave.  It's more like a long deep lonesome howl, everyday at approximetly 9.  Never the less, I will NOT miss him.

School Papers
Although I took 8 months of German and feel confident in conversation, give me an official school paper and I get it wrong!  The basic stuff I get, the time, the general purpose, but really I will get SOMETHING wrong, and the kids have been embarrassed by me.  Like the time there was a end of the year party and I read that we were having a grill party, I thought meat was provided.  It wasn't and we had nothing to eat.  It worked out, but was stressful and I really embarrassed Naomi.  That's only one story of the many.


There are things I will miss about this great big
sandstone house, but there are a few things I will not miss at all.  The extremely creepy and wet basement.  The lack of insulation and outrageous heating bill, the no  yard and no place to store any outside stuff, and a tiny oven that wont fit a turkey in it.

Euro Conversion
Getting paid in one currency and spending in another.  Having dollars in my wallet when I need euro or vise verse.

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