Monday, December 14, 2009

It Snowed

Saturday Eyan sat by the back door on a pillow with my iPhone checking the weather about every 3 minutes and looking outside. "Mom, I'm checking to see when it gets cold enough to snow!". It never did snow on Saturday, but there was excitement in the air just at the thought that it could snow. I was surprised when Naomi and Eyan were both so excited about snow. We lived in Colorado! Then Naomi reminded me that it only snowed in El Paso once and she didn't remember the snow in Colorado. Sad, but true.

Sunday morning Martin and I woke up to the kids practically screaming "IT SNOWED!!!!" and yes it did. There wasn't a whole lot, but that didn't matter. The kids were thrilled. They begged to go out immediately. That wasn't happening! It wasn't even 7am. By 8 they were reared up to go and played outside the entire morning. Toben didn't last so long, but he helped in the kitchen and danced to music, and was mostly content to be inside and watch everyone else.

At noon we ate lunch and had a short nap. The three older kiddos bundled up and played outside with each other and also with our neighbors. When it was almost dark I served Hot Chocolate and Gingersnaps, by 5:30 they were done and it was completely dark. We had a nice bowl of soup and finished the evening around the table doing homework.

I am so glad that most of the kids are finally at the age where they can enjoy the snow. There were no tears about freezing and besides Toben they all dressed themselves and played, and played and played. 

We are finally rounding the corner into a new era. It's really nice to say the least.

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Branch Family said...

Yay for snow :) I actually miss it....