Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rain Sleet or Snow

One thing I have begun to appreciate about the German culture is that they are outside rain or shine. I think the American Post office Slogan "Rain Sleet or Snow" came from here. They walk dogs and walk the trails, they walk to the Bakery, they walk all over town. Even little babies all bundled up going for a ride in a stroller in December! It is so nice to see that life goes on in the winter and you don't have to sit inside and wait for spring. From what the locals have told us this is a very warm winter so far. (Maybe for them!)

We piled on our own layers and went on a trail walk. It was nice to be outside, and I know the kids definitely could use some running around! And as you can see in the picture it's very green still. This is a winter crop and helps keep things not feeling so dull.

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Branch Family said...

Gosh...It is so beautiful there! I thnk I would get out Rain, Sleet or snow!!