Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kitchen Corner

Our kitchen is pretty cute. It's small and I can unload the dish washer in record time! I love that. We have a little area that was perfect for a small kitchen table. I found this table at Ikea for a great price and got two little stools to go with. The kids can do home work or eat a snack while I'm cooking. We have a friend in El Paso who has a little sitting area in her kitchen and I often sat and enjoyed her company there. It's a nice little corner, and all are welcome to come and sit, and enjoy good company.


Branch Family said...

That's cute. I want to go to IKEA...there is one in NC, but it's two hrs away. Probably worth the trip! I see your dinner bell. Do you use it??

Katherine said...

You are having lots of fun with this blog thingy.
Cute kitchen.

nest4ever said...

Yes it's so worth it to go to Ikea and Toben can reach the bell with the stool so he usually rings it.
yes I am enjoying the blog. I hope it's worth reading;-)

Christie said...

since I'm playing catch up on my blog vote is, yes, your blog is very newsy...I like your kids but please post crafty stuff too...sorry that sounds krass doesn't it?! you know me...i say inappropriate things sometimes...but I'm a-dor-a-ble like that! and oh by the way...i'll be over for coffee to give the table a visit, sometime in the future...tba

nest4ever said...

Well Christie tell me how you really feel! JK I know it is newsy, and THIS blog will be just that. News about kids and what life is like in Germany..... BUT I have enjoyed this one so much that I have been thinking about one for me and my craft peeps.....TBA
And I can't wait until you come and sit at the table, I could reallyse some good laughs and real friendship. Miss you girl!