Saturday, January 23, 2010

Martin's World

Martin's World

(He did give me input, but wanted me to write)

It's been one interesting journey so far. Martin's been moved around several times, but is now settling into his new position as a Platoon Sergeant. The Battery has recently done some rearranging and this is a new Platoon. He is leading 18 other Soldiers and is doing well. There is a lot of paper work involved to begin with, but Martin is getting things organized. He is going to a Leaders Course in March to help sharpen his skills and will be gone for a few weeks. Then in April will be taking part of a training in Poland. (all subject to change)

During the week we don't see each other much, the kids are in bed by the time he gets home. But, Martin has had weekends free and we have been trying to get in some good family time and a few naps here and there. We have not traveled much since it is cold, but we have found other stuff to do, like Roller Skating. Martin is such a good sport, he can barley skate, but does it because he loves us. We still enjoy reading books and try to have a nice quiet reading time before bed.


Katherine said...

Your a good dad MarN.
I could skate rings around you!

Trisha said...

I'm so glad that marty is in roller blades. awesome. your a great dad and hubby....even if you are a woman hater. love you guys.

Christie said...

hey, he may be gone a lot, but you do get to snuggle him every of the things I hate about deployment...i know you can feel me on that one!