Friday, April 2, 2010


Rotenburg is a well preserved medieval city about 2 hours from us. The city walls are still standing and you can walk on and around them. While visiting this adorable village we visited a Toy Museum, a medieval Torture Museum and had a walking tour.

The tour was at night with "The Night Watchman" who proudly dressed the part. It was very interesting to learn some of the history of the city and have an interactive experience. Eyan and Naomi loved all the facts and were right up front drinking in all the facts and stories. Silus and Toben on the other hand not so much. Silus fell asleep in Toben's stroller and Toben rode on Martin most of the hour.

Silus didn't want to get anywhere near the Night Watchman and that's why he's not in the picture.

One funny thing that we learned from the tour was that the city door that stands 0ver 10 feet tall has another very small door. So a door within the door. The city had a curfew and if you were outside the city walls after curfew you would have to convince the night watchman you lived in the city and if he let you in, it was through the tiny door. Then you had to pay a fee for being late. What a great way to keep people on time. I think when the kids are old enough I might adopt the fee portion!


Branch Family said...

I love the little door idea! You take amazing pictures!

K ki said...

the cutest place! looks fake - katie